Geographical location:
Chichis commune is situated in the central-western part of Covasna County, at the borderline between Covasna and Brasov Counties, at the issue of Raul Negru into Olt River;

Contact person:
Mayor: Santa Gyula
Phone: 0040-267-347 223
Fax: 0040-267-347 061

From an administrative point of view, the commune includes the following localities: Chichis - the administrative centre and Bacel;
Surface: 2064 ha;
Access ways: the national road DN 12;
The commune's population counts about
1700 inhabitants, of which c. 40 % represents the work force.
Benefiting of its geographical location - Olt and Raul Negru's holms, the commune's economy is influenced especially by the agro-vegetal production, practiced in conditions of extensive traditional system, which through its preponderance covers c. 40% of the work force potential. In 1991 was founded The Association of Small Producers in Chichis, organization representing the interests of the agricultural producers in the commune regarding the information upon markets and the agricultural merchandise exchange. In the future it is foreseen to enlarge the interest area, by contacting similar associations from the country and abroad. To start modernization and introducing technology in the vegetal sector, it is especially intended to realize changes in nature of agricultural products with machines and agricultural equipments, even second hand. In the animal breeding sector, by breeding animals with a high genetic value, one will follow quantitative as well as qualitative production increase, with production costs practiced in western countries. The commune's animal breeding sector could be developed by arranging in the commune organized animal breeding farms and micro-farms endowed with collecting, processing and exploiting centers for animal products: meat milk, wool, pelts etc.
Also due to its geographical location - a small distance to the two towns: Sf. Gheorghe (12 km) and Brasov (23 km), c. 15 % of the work force potential finds jobs at different economic agents and at the institutions of the earlier mentioned towns. The changes that happened after 1989 have been felt in the economic life of the commune. Considering the restructuring of economic activities, more precisely the small number of economic agents with production profile, it is suggested to support the initiatives from behalf of the population , that aim the foundation of production activities. At the same time, The Local Council intends to found a commercial unit with mixed capital (independent and foreign) which would have as basic activity the processing of agricultural, wooden products, therefore interfering actively in the commune's economic life. Chichis commune has qualified and unqualified work force that could be engaged in different economic activities. One could invest in different activity domains such as light industry, plastic materials, wood processing, mechanical processing, handicraft etc.
Due to the fact that the locality is crossed by the national road DN 12 and it is situated in a remarkable touristic area, the households could be very much developed and included in the agro-touristic circuit. One could successfully invest in the development of local tourism and agro-tourism by enlarging and modernizing the accommodation spaces and pleasure resorts: arrangement of pensions, villas, holiday houses, camping places, summer sports bases, winter sports bases, hunting and fishing centers, horsemanship centers, camps and training camps etc. The local administration intends to found a vacation village at the in­flowing of Raul Negru in Olt River. Beside this economic and touristic importance, this objective would create optimal conditions for those in search of relaxation and rest to pleasantly spend their free time. The nature lovers have the possibility of spending their free time on the bank of the three existing lakes, of visiting the Gabor Aron monument, The Plugor Sandor Memorial Home, many old houses - historical and architectural monuments.
For the social-economical development of the commune, the local ad­ministration is interested in the development of public-private partner­ships, regarding the modernization of the local infrastructure . Beside the objectives mentioned earlier there are proposed the following: con­necting the commune at the natural gas network, modernizing and maintenance of the constructional network of the commune, assuring and modernizing the heating system during winter in the waiting room of the rail way station Chichis, founding parks and green areas, as well as endowing them with banks and tennis tables, renovation of a stone house of the commune's patrimony and its transformation in historic monument (it has specific architectural characteristics and it is over 2 centuries old).